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Since 1991 we are specialised in hot air balloon rides above Flanders. Also we offer balloon rides for tourists above the Flanders Fields in the region of Ypres / Zonnebeke / Mesen / Diksmuide / Passchendaele / Langemark,...

Ieper (or Ypres) was at the heart of the Western Front during World War 1 1914-1918.
Before the war, Ypres was a centre for textile industry. During World War One the city became synonymous with destruction, fallen soldiers, death, bombs, trench warfare,... The beautiful city of Ypres was nearly destroyed...
Ieper / Ypres, at the heart of the Salient, was involved very early in the First World War. The town was almost constantly under bombardment, and was reduced to ruins.

Now, about 100 years later, with an aerial view you can still see what remains of the war: especially the bomb craters and lots of military cemeteries (one of the best known is Tyne Cot Commonwealth War Graves in Zonnebeke).
A flight above the Flanders Fields region shows you a impressive collection of war heritage.
Today it is hard to imagine that this beautiful landscape was the scene of a terrible slaughter.
Ypres has been rebuilt into almost the exact image of what it once was. You will see craters now filled with water. Each of these craters were made in seconds by destructive bombs.

Ypres balloon tours

                           Seeing the battlefields of the First World War from the air, will give you a totally new perspective.
For sure this will be a memorable experience for you!

What we can offer:

  • Morning and evening flights are possible from March to November by good weather conditions.
  • We offer it for passengers of all ages (see: more info).
  • We offer also VIP balloon flights for 2 up to 10 persons in the basket.
  • Different launchfields in and around Ypres - easy to find (main launch field only 1km from the Menin Gate)
  • During the flight we try to answer all your questions.
  • We have more than 20 years of ballooning experience and operate several hot air balloons.
  • Flights of one hour. After take off only the wind decides where we will land (60 to 75 minutes later)...
  • We are a professional balloon company since 1991 in Belgium and apply to all safety guidelines.
Contact us now! Special arrangements for big and small groups are possible. Combine your visit to Ypres with a balloon flight.

Please feel free to have a look to our general websites:

Contact us 7/7 from 9-19 h : + 32 (0) 51 312 325 we speak English
Current time in Belgium is: 16:09

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Passengers tell:

We landed in Mesen, close to the Peace Tower. Very beautiful.